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Expansion of the Axis Powers [ACW] by djinn327 Expansion of the Axis Powers [ACW] by djinn327
Another from my abandoned conworld, this one showing the first world war. This other map shows its aftermath.

Following the war, the states of Bohemia, Königsberg, Lithuania, Moldavia, Occitania, Ruthenia, Sofala, Sogdiana, Yemen & Socotra, and White Russia, annexed by the defeated powers Poland, Russia, India, and Italy, were restored.

Italy was divided for reconstruction between the victorious states of Britain, getting the North and Dalmatia, France, getting Corsica and Sardinia, and the Caliphate, getting the South and Sicily; Britain and France's sections were combined under a joint government in 1912 and made independent in 1914; the Caliphate's became independent in 1916 and the two halves reunified in 1917.

Poland was divided into Germany's Danzig region, France's western half, and Britain's eastern half; Germany's became independent as the Republic of Danzig in 1920, France's as the R. of Warsaw in 1923 and Britain's as the R. of Lutsk in 1920. The three were constitutionally prohibited from joining in political union with each other. Aside from these three divisions, German-majority parts of Pomerania and Silesia were occupied and later annexed by Germany; the German-majority land taken from Courland was restored to Germany; the former Slovomoravia was divided by plebiscite between Bohemia, Ruthenia, and Lutsk; part of Polish territory became part of the Caliphate's Ukraine district; and territory taken from Arkhangelsk was divided between Lithuania and Arkhangelsk, with the city of Riga, Slavic-majority but in the midst of a Baltic/German area, made independent.

Russia was divided into: Gothenburg's Ryazan and Eastern Russia, the last later divided into Tartary and Siberia, becoming independent in 1911, 1916, and 1917, respectively; Moscow, divided into German, Gothenburg, and Arkhangelsk districts until combined and made independent in 1910; Germany's Muscovy, which became independent and joined with Moscow in 1913; the Caliphate's Ukraine and Crimea, which became independent in 1914 and 1915 and joined together in 1918; and Persia's Astrakhan, which became independent in 1920.
India was forced to pay reparations to its main opponents, the Caliphate and Persia, and make a plan of twenty years or less for the independence of Mozambique and Muscat & Oman.
Of these, Danzig, Lithuania, Lutsk, Muscovy, Riga, Ruthenia, Ryazan, Siberia, Tartary, Ukraine & Crimea, Warsaw, and White Russia were made permanently neutral, and Danzig, Lutsk, Muscovy, Ryazan, Tartary, Ukraine & Crimea, and Warsaw were permanently disarmed.

My standard alternate history notice: there's no nationalist, regionalist, or racist motivation behind anything depicted here, and comments expressing any such feelings are unwanted.
KherosSilverlight Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014
I'm a really good fan of your work. Well done!
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